Company Information


Company Tokio Marine dR Co., Ltd.

23F Otemachi First Square West Tower 1-5-1 Otemachi Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0004

President & CEO Taizo Shimakura
Capital 100 million yen(Foundation: August 1, 1996)

Organization / service

Property Risk Engineering Dept.

Property Risk Engineering Unit

We can offer you not only information useful for considering how you should insure your assets against fire or earthquake, but also data helpful for making business continuity plan (BCP). For this purpose, based on the given information, we carry out the on-site investigation at your facilities inside and outside Japan, review related documents, and conduct risk assessments about fire / explosion and natural disasters such as earthquake.
In addition, we can propose practical risk prevention recommendations by analyzing the databases of accidents and disasters and by applying the benchmarking techniques.
Moreover, we can advise the countermeasures to the clients who have suffered from disasters such as fire accidents or lighting strikes.



Risk Modeling Unit

Japan is a world eminent natural disaster-prone country, and also the natural calamities are increasing globally. Corporations are thus required by stakeholders to implement right risk management on the basis of proper risk assessment. To meet this need, we can provide risk assessment and consulting services for your decision-making by using the latest risk model of excellent validity and concreteness which we developed under the collaboration with professional institutes inside and outside Japan. We can also provide various consulting services based on the risk quantification, which are helpful for building the enhanced ERM, in cooperation with our Business Resilience and Risk Management Dept.



Real Estate Risk Solution Dept.

It is a growing social request that properties be adequately handled in all real estate transactions, in terms of management about polluted soil, seismic performance and illegality of the building, environmental safety from asbestos and PCB, as well as value-up for own properties. In response to this need, we can provide solutions to clients with Property Condition Report(Engineering Report) such as inspection about the building'sillegality, formulation of a long-term repair plan, soil pollution investigation, estimation of PML in case of an earthquake. Besides, we can offer services such as a review on the structural calculation sheet, reevaluation of the structural calculation, diagnosis of seismic performance, reinforcement planning, and moreover, the construction management of enhance the value for properties.



Business Resilience and Risk Management Dept.

Corporations based in Japan often face inherent natural disasters and the risks such as infectious diseases, harmful rumors, scandals, and when expanding businesses overseas, they have to prepare for the local risks namely social unrest, labor disputes, demonstration, indigenous disasters, terrorism and so on.
With this in mind, we can help you establish risk management frameworks by providing services such as risk assessment, evaluation on the established mitigation means, ideas for better countermeasures, formulation of response manuals, diagnosis of the existing manuals, assistance in educational programs and drills.
Specifically, on the basis of meticulous consultation about your challenges and realities, we can provide you with wide-ranging services pertinent to your needs; e.g. establishing business continuity management (BCM) and supply chain risk management (SCRM), enhancing the workplace safety, improving personnel management and equipment maintenance, reducing troubles and accidents in facilities operations in service industry, establishing compliance frameworks, crisis management system and crisis public relations, and complaint handling.
In addition, by applying the quantification technique to the operational and strategic risks, we can help you lay the foundations of the advanced risk management, toward the establishment of enterprise risk management(ERM) frameworks.



Product Safety and Environment Dept.

CSR / Environment Unit

We can help you establish management frameworks which allow you to create new corporate values and ensure your advantageous position in the industry. To this end, we can help you enhance the regulatory compliance in economic, societal and environmental activities, and minimize diverse risks inextricably linked with your business foundation. Besides, we can conduct a trend survey regarding the legal systems, and help you establish management frameworks for regulatory compliance.



Product Safety Management Unit

Corporations are required to properly address the issue of product safety in terms of both management frameworks and the safety of products, as public awareness about product safety increasingly grows day by day. Responding to this need, we can help you identify the challenges of your management frameworks, assess the risks around you, formulate countermeasures, and enhance the safety of your products.



Automobile Risk Consulting Dept.

We can help you reduce car accidents, establish the safety control frameworks, run the safety management on a daily basis. For this purpose, we can offer wide-ranging services, such as the design of solutions, ideas for policy dissemination management, advice on how you keep good safety practice.



Services related to "Health and Productivity Management" and "Data Health Plan"

"Health and Productivity Management" is a strategic effort for a corporation to promote employees' health from a management viewpoint. This approach, by investing in workers' health on the basis of the corporate philosophy, will contribute to enhance personal vitality or productivity, hence the strength of an enterprise. Tokio dR can help you run this management.
Besides, Tokio dR can assist the health insurance societies, with planning and promotion of the "Data Health Plan", a new initiative which is intended to strengthen the foundation of the Japanese public health.



Services related to the measures against cyber risks

The application of IT has become indispensable in numerous business scenes. On the other hand, cyber risks against the information a corporation holds is increasing, such as the customers' personal data, its own crucial know-hows, and so on. Tokio dR can help you reinforce cyber risk management, by providing services focusing on cyber risks, e.g., seminars, educational or training programs, qualitative and quantitative risk diagnoses.