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It is a growing social request that properties be adequately handled in all real estate transactions and securitization, in terms of management about polluted soil, seismic performance and illegality of the building, environmental safety from asbestos and PCB, as well as value-up for own properties.
In response to this need, we can provide solutions to clients with Property Condition Report (Engineering Report) such as inspection about the building’s illegality, formulation of a long-term repair plan, soil pollution investigation, estimation of PML in case of an earthquake. Besides, we can offer services such as a review on the structural calculation sheets, reevaluation of the structural calculations, diagnosis of seismic performance, reinforcement planning, and moreover, the construction management of enhance the value for properties.

Service Menu

1. Building Inspection Services

Building Inspection

We perform building and land inspections and diagnoses and assess real estate value and risks for deals involving real estate as an investment, such as real estate transactions and securitization. Not only do we determine the building’s code compliance and calculate the state of deterioration and repair costs for the building and any attached structures, but we also assess the reasonableness of the seismic PML and structural calculations from the standpoint of seismic risk, the risk from asbestos and other harmful substances, and the risk of soil contamination. These assessments are described in Property Condition Report.

Building Inspection

Peer Review of Structural Calculations / Reproduction of Structural Calculations

On the occasion of real estate deals, such as securitization of real estate, we review whether there are neither falsifications nor alterations in the structural calculations as a third party.

Seismic Diagnosis / Seismic Retrofit

By social neutral, fair and trancparent manner, seismic perforamance of building is evaluated. We propose optimal and economical renovation plan matching the client's needs.

Building Life Span

When acquiring existing buildings, by setting the depreciation period, the subsequent cost after acquisition will vary greatly. We evaluate the depreciation period by engineering point of view.

Building Life Span Investigation

Environmental Risk and Asbestos Assessment

For asbestos risks on building facilities, assessment menu ranges from a relatively simple desktop inspection to detailed site inspection and on-site sampling assessment.

Environmental Risks and Asbestos Surveys

Seismic Risk Assessment / PML

Economic loss caused by a severe earthquake is quantitatively evaluated by using stochastic simulation models.

Overseas Seismic Risk Assessment / PML

Seismic PML for office, commercial buildings and factories are evaluated by probabilistic method similar to domestic assessment.

Post-Earthquake Inspection of Building Damage

For building damaged by a massive earthquake, the damage level is classified by field survey, and re-use possibility and need for reinforcement are determined.

2. Soil Environmental Assessment Services


As a risk assessment for soil contamination, The following services will be provided, screening (simple site history assessment), historical research on Hazardous Substances (Phase1), site assessment and countermeasure (Phase2 & 3), third party review and second opinion for assessment report and countermeasure, as well as risk communication, administration negotiation, contractor selection measures, construction management and support regarding asset retirement obligations.


Screening System for Soil Contamination Risk (Simplified Land-use History Assessment)

This service is intended to assess the risk of soil contamination on the collateral for financial institutions. Based on the business address, lot number, acreage data, we assess the soil contamination risk by reviewing historical land-use data such as the Residential Land maps.

Screening System for Soil Contamination Risk (Simplified Land-use History Assessment)

Risk Evaluation and Diagnosis of Soil Contamination (Phase 1 & 2)

In the Phase1 assessment, we investigate a potential soil contamination risk by gathering the historical land-use data at the site, conducting field assessments, and interviewing with related parties. If the potential risk is identified as high in the Phase1, the Phase2 assessment is advised, that will quantitatively investigate the contamination risk by sampling the surface soil.

Risk Evaluation and Diagnosis of Soil Contamination (Phase 1 & 2)

Soil Pollution Control Consulting

Through Phase 1 to 3, if the contamination is confirmed, the cleanup work will be conducted. We offer comprehensive consulting services such as remediation planning, negotiations with the administration, risk communication with neighbors and managing cleanup work.

Soil Pollution Control Consulting


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