Building Inspection


Today, at a time when enterprises face strong demands for compliance, in situations such as when buying, selling, or securitizing real estate there is a need to ascertain its value and risks appropriately through real-estate inspection and examination conducted by specialists in each field, such as third-party certified architects and engineers. Real estate involves a wide range of potential risks, such as

  • Deterioration of Building and Equipment
  • Legal Compliance
  • Soil Contamination
  • Seismic Risk
  • Health Risk from Asbestos
  • Fraudulent structural calculations.

Comprehensive and appropriate inspection and examination make it possible to ascertain potential risks and take the necessary countermeasures.

Through transactions with numerous real-estate investment funds and lenders in Japan and around the world, we provide highly reliable assessments, serving 1,000 properties per year.


Service Highlights

  • Comprehensive Range of Services
    Legal compliance inspection, repair and renewal cost estimation, replacement cost estimation, hazardous substance inspections, soil-contamination inspections, and seismic risk assessments, etc. These assessments are described in Property Condition Report.
  • Combinations of Various Service are Available.
  • Prompt Reporting after Survey
    Since property condition reports can be provided three weeks after a field study, they are perfectly suited to cases that require quick decisions, such as real-estate deals.
  • High Reliability
    For example, soil-contamination inspection reports are used for collateral assessment by major financial institutions.
  • High-Precision Analysis
    The basic data used in seismic risk analysis is data used in insurance underwriting at Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • Cost Saving Simplified Inspections are Available
    Providing simplified inspections for soil-contamination and seismic risks and conducting additional detailed inspections if needed makes it possible to realize cost savings on a total-cost basis.
  • Third Party Independent Perspective
    As an insurer-related inspection firm, we conduct objective inspections from an independent perspective.
  • Latest Knowledge
    Based on insurance design and the activities of industry organizations and others, as well as joint studies with academic institutions, inspections reflect the latest knowledge available.
  • Numerous Clients
    These services are used by numerous business clients including listed REITs, major real-estate firms, and major financial institutions.
  • Various Risk Reduction Menu
    We can provide a variety of risk-reduction measures for risks identified through analysis, including detailed inspections, support for repair construction, and insurance arrangements.
  • Confidentiality
    In light of the highly confidential nature of asset information, risks of information leaks can be avoided through conducting inspection and analysis tasks in locations having assured security levels.

Property Condition Report

Solutions Concepts

  • Based on performance spanning thousands of inspections and consulting contracts, we can provide a variety of risk-reduction methods for risks identified through analysis, including detailed inspections and construction support.
  • Scientific, objective inspections are conducted from a neutral, third-party perspective.
  • As needed, support will be provided on matters such as deciding on inspection details through exchange of opinions with CPAs, audit firms, and others.

Role of Due Diligence

The role of a due diligence company is carrying out asset evaluation and risk assessment for real estate properties when they are sold to buyers such as Trust SPC, Real Estate Fund, and REIT. Simultaneously, real estate appraisers evaluate the revenue from the properties.When the real estate properties are securitized for investors such as banks, insurance funds, and general investors, rating agency evaluates rates for the properties.

Assessment Flow

  1. Document Review

    Before site survey, reviewing drawings, permits, repair history, statutory inspections, etc.

  2. Site Survey

    Investigating discrepancies from drawings & permits, investigating deteriorations, etc.

  3. Government Check

    Investigating conditions confirmed at site survey, and confirming with government, etc.

  4. Report Writing

    Writing report based on document review, site survey, hearings from government.

  5. Additional Information Check

    Confirming correction works for identified issues.

Service Menu

Feel free to contact us for an individualized estimate. While costs vary with factors such as the content of the inspection, building age, and total floor area, in the average inspection assessment costs per building can range upward from roughly one million yen.

Services Service Contents
Building Inspection Compliance Inspections, cost estimations for medium and long-term repairs and renovations, replacement value estimation, inspections for hazardous substances, building life span investigations, etc.
Soil Contamination Survey Survey of historical land-use data, soil and groundwater inspection and countermeasures, support in interacting with government and nearby residents, construction management, etc.
Environmental Survey Survey on Asbestos content, PCB, CFC (Chloro- Fluoro- Carbon), and countermeasure evaluation, etc.
Seismic Risk Assessment Simplified and detailed seismic PML evaluations, structural calculation review, seismic capacity check, etc.


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