Soil Pollution Control Consulting


When actual contamination has been confirmed in a Phase 2 inspection, the scope of contamination and the contaminant substances are identified and construction countermeasures are conducted in accordance with future land use and other factors. In addition to support for planning construction countermeasures and making various decisions, we provide risk communication services including support in dealing with authorities as needed in actual construction and support in interacting with nearby residents.

We also provide solutions involving measures other than remediation, such as risk financing including insuring against soil contamination and risk control.


  1. Studying and Setting Company Policy

    • Selecting company policy
    • Coordinating with each site
    • Chain of command
    • Budget
    • Review
  2. Obtaining information at each factory site

    • Obtaining information by simple check sheet
    • Information such as current remediation work, purification level, government coordination
  3. Setting priorities for factory site

    • Setting priorities based on company policy
    • Considering urgency
  4. Obtaining detailed conditions for each site

    • Reviewing detailed purification plan
    • Current status
    • Investigating possibility of purification
    • Estimation of rough schedule and cost
  5. Selecting optimal remediation works

    • Complete or partial purification (NA, risk communication)
    • Selecting optimal measures
    • Estimation of schedule and cost
    • Government coordination
  6. Implementing remediation works and monitoring

    • Periodical monitoring
    • Reviewing progress
    • Government coordination
    • Risk communication
  7. Completion of works

Service Menu

  • 2nd opinion (3rd party review), Decision making support
  • Simplified review for current status
  • Prioritization support
  • M&A support
  • Construction management
  • Review of purification plan
  • Support for selecting optimal measures
  • Risk communication support

We support decision making of company policy for environmental risk. When actual contamination is confirmed after Phase 1 and 2 inspections, in addition to the remediation work, we provide various services such as explanation for investors, risk communication with residents and government, support for allocation of asset retirement obligations, and selection of optional countermeasures.


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