The social environment surrounding the issue of soil contamination is undergoing substantial changes, as seen in amendments to the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act and to laws and standards related to land transactions and accounting. As such, the impact of soil contamination on company management has become more and more significant. In particular, the effects of the Accounting Standards for Asset Retirement Obligations, required beginning with the 2010 fiscal year, and of the amendments to the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act planned to take effect in fiscal 2010 are expected to be substantial.

In the future, it will be of even more importance to address soil environmental issues together with reliable inspection companies and to respond to these risks appropriately.

We provide the following soil-contamination risk assessment services: screening (simple site-history assessment), historical research on use of hazardous substances (Phase 1), and site assessment and countermeasures (Phases 2 and 3), along with risk communication, negotiation with the authorities, selection of contractors for construction countermeasures, and support related to construction management during countermeasures and asset-retirement obligations. Aside from soil remediation, other services provided are solutions for risk financing and risk control for purposes such as insurance against soil contamination.

Since soil contamination involves information that is highly confidential to the enterprise, it is a fact of the business that in many cases all services are contracted to the vendors with whom consultation on surveys and countermeasures has taken place. However, since soil-contamination surveys and countermeasures are a specialized field, comments such as the following have been received from clients:

  • No results have been achieved despite implementing long-term countermeasures, making it impossible to know whether the current countermeasures are appropriate.
  • There is no way to judge whether the countermeasures proposed by vendors or their costs are appropriate.

For these reasons, we review materials on past surveys and countermeasures to assess whether the measures currently being implemented or studied are appropriate (second-opinion assessment).


Service Highlights

  • Throughout the full range of services from screening through Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 to construction countermeasures, we provide powerful backup for resolution of the environmental and economic issues caused by soil contamination, as well as providing a variety of services related to soil-contamination risk (e.g., second-opinion assessment, negotiation with authorities, risk communication, support for choosing contractors for construction countermeasures, and construction management during countermeasures).
  • Providing efficient, appropriate services suited to the needs of individual clients makes it possible to cut costs on a total-cost basis.
  • We can provide highly reliable inspection services that are employed by numerous clients including major financial institutions, listed REITs, and major real-estate firms.
  • Estimation of countermeasure costs makes it possible to estimate asset retirement obligations.
  • Surveys are conducted at a high level by specialists such as certified engineers, from a neutral point of view.
  • In light of the highly confidential nature of asset information, risks of data leaks can be avoided through conducting inspection and analysis tasks in locations having assured security levels.

Assessment Flow

  1. Screening Simplified land-use

    history assessment using housing maps, etc. (mainly for bank's bonds)

  2. Phase 1

    Site visual inspection in addition to document review of maps, aerial photos, government documents.

    land-use history investigation

  3. Phase 2

    Analyzing samples from surface soils or gases for presence of contaminations.

    Gas sampling from surface soil

  4. Phase 3

    Investigating size and distribution of soil contamination by site borings.

    Boring Investigation

  5. Countermeasure Study and Implementation

    Selecting and implementing countermeasures by type, size, and risk of soil contaminations.

    Countermeasure Work

Service Menu

Cost for screening will be 40,000 yen per site, and cost for Phase 1 will be roughly 200,000 yen per site. For other menu, feel free to contact us for an individualized estimate.

Services for banks

Service Menu Purpose Service Outline Periods
Screening Evaluation for pledged assets Simplified desktop land-use history for present and past 3-generations. 5 working days

Services for general business, real estate funds, developers

Service Menu Service Menu Service Outline Periods
Phase 1 Contamination possibilities (4 levels) Review of historical maps, transcriptions, government hearing, and site investigation 10 working days
Phase 2 Contamination judgment Confirmation of contaminations (sampling of surface soil or gasses) Adv. Reporting in 2 weeks
Phase 3 Type and distribution of contamination Confirmation of type and size of contamination (Investigation for horizontal and vertical directions) Negotiation
Countermeasure Study Recommendation of Remediation Methods Remediation consulting (type, density, range of contamination, soil type, land-usage) Negotiation
Countermeasure Work Remediation Works Implementation of recommended measure Negotiation
2nd Opinion Evaluation Evaluation of study and countermeasures Pier reviewing assessment and proposed remediation work. Negotiation
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